Black Flag Whip Surfboard

Channel Islands Black Flag Whip Surfboard

Channel Islands Black Flag Whip Surfboard Model Description: The Channel Islands Black Flag Whip Surfboard is Kelly’s 2010 small wave design. The same shorter, wider Whip outline with Al’s single to double Tri Plane Hull bottom. Kelly finds the board is fast and has an even more responsive feel than the previous single concave version of the Whip. A double concave deck gets your feet closer to the water line. We have also added carbon fiber strips on the bottom stretching from the nose to the leading fins. Stopping the carbon fiber near the leading fins concentrates the flex in the tail, thus providing more spring out of turns. The half moon tail option gives the board more release out of the top of the wave.Experience: Everyday use by intermediate to expert surfers.Ideal Wave Size: Knee to head high surf.


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"Thanks for a great experience. The customer service was awesome. When I went to buy my board, I was happy to find out I could just use my PayPal. I've since placed 3 orders and will fill my quiver from Surf Station in the future. "

Erik J. | Channel Islands Motorboat Too Surfboard

"Good product, happy to find it here in FL. You guys worked with me to make it happen and it arrived on time. I had questions and got a quick response both on email and on phone. Thanks!"

Debora S. | Science Bodyboard

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