Cheese Stick Surfboard

Channel Islands Cheese Stick Surfboard

Channel Islands Cheese Stick Surfboard Model Description: The Cheese Stick Surfboard from Channel Islands was designed with Yadin Nicol to to excel in the average conditions on the WQS Tour. Top-level surfers are trending toward shorter boards with a wider nose and tail. This allows the Cheese Stick to be ridden shorter but keep paddling volume. The Cheese Stick also has more flip in the nose and tail than its now distant cousin. Yadin says the tail flip gets him one more maneuver per wave and makes it easier to land reverse.Experience: Intermediate to expert. Ride this board about 1 inch longer than you are tall.Ideal Wave Size: Knee-high to slightly overhead.


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"I have been shopping the Surf Station since 2011. I have purchased 2 boards and have a 3rd custom in the works! I also live in Miami! So that right there should say a lot about the service and integrity of the shops team! Way to go Surf Station! Danny"

Danny Hernandez | fcs fins

"I reckon Surf Station by nature of arguably having the top selection of surfboards on the planet just navigating the site alone gives you a fairly complete look at the current state of surfboards, especially in the short board and hybrid category. Easily the best selection of Channel Islands boards."

Kai K | Firewire Baked Potato Surfboard

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