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Channel Islands Gravy Surfboard

Channel Islands Gravy Surfboard Model Description: The Gravy Surfboard by Channel Islands is proof that when Al and Rob get together, the possibilities are endless. Al steering Rob to a more conventional board, and Rob taking Al back in time, a direction he doesn’t always want to go. Reminiscent of Rob’s Biscuit model, The Gravy is shorter and wider than a normal shortboard, but with the addition of a few more performance characteristics. A more foiled and slightly narrower outline with a touch more rocker and fresh new look. With the nose width matching the tail width, not only are small waves fun again, but you can also still tear into them. This board should be ridden approximately 4″ to 6″ shorter, / 8″ thicker, and about an inch wider than your normal shortboard. Experience: Everyday use by intermediate to expert surfers. Ideal Wave Size: Knee to head high surf.


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"The live chat made ordering my board incredibly easy. Got a response right back from Austin, he set up an invoice, and the whole process was done in a very short amount of time. Super easy and super efficient."

Cameron B. | Channel Islands Weirdo Ripper Surfboard

"Surf station had the right products at the right price, made perfect sense to place my order with you. Thanks! "

Aaron B. | Quiksilver Wetsuit Booties

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