H4000 Surfboard

Channel Islands H4000 Surfboard

Channel Islands H4000 Longboard Model Description: The H4000 is a lower rocker offspring of the custom only H-2000 teardrop outline. The lower entry allows for easier paddling and glide into waves as well as nose riding in small surf than our H-2000 did. Comes standard with a single stringer. Recommended as a single fin with side biters. Experience: For riding a longboard in better, steep face waves. Ideal Wave Size: Ankle-high to Head and a half.


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"I reckon Surf Station by nature of arguably having the top selection of surfboards on the planet just navigating the site alone gives you a fairly complete look at the current state of surfboards, especially in the short board and hybrid category. Easily the best selection of Channel Islands boards."

Kai K | Firewire Baked Potato Surfboard

"I am beyond stoked on the great price for this surfboard. I still have my first board ever, a 6'0 Lost board, thin as a toothpick, and I am way to big for it. My main board I ride is a 5'6 Channel Islands Fishcuit but I wanted something a tad bigger, thicker, and a dual fin. Surf Station just made the search so easy. and such legit shipping for a surfboard. So happy!!!"

Erica G. | 6'0 Lost Surfboard

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