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Channel Islands MTFaltered Surfboard

Channel Islands MTFaltered Surfboard Model Description: The MTF Altered Surfboard by Channel Islands was first released in 1995. This design faded away over the years, only ridden by a select few MTF diehards. Rob Machado’s magic 5’8″ x 18 1/2″ x 2 1/4″ Twinfinner was hidden in our board archives until Dane recently dusted it off and brought it to life in 2009. The board Dane chose to ride in the France WCT was a replica of Rob’s MTF, minus the wings. Due to years of ding repair on Rob’s board, the wings had been filled, creating a new tail outline. When Dane asked us to re-make the magic board, this version is the result. Originally designed for smaller surf, the narrow tail and tight swallow still allow it to still be ridden in overhead waves. Low rocker makes the board extremely fast. The twin-fin setup equates to a loose feel, while the small stabilizing fins keep the board solid in the pocket. Key note: remember this board hides a lot of volume so order 1/8” thinner and 1” possibly shorter. Ride it roughly your same height to 3” shorter. Experience: Designed for everyone and everywhere. Ideal Wave Size: Knee to head high surf.


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"Buying something from Surf Station is probably easier than going to your local shop to get a bar of wax. Everything is kept orderly, and the workers on the chat system are quick to respond with helpful insight. First surf shop website that I've encountered that knows how to sell boards online (i.e. track their inventory)."

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"I reckon Surf Station by nature of arguably having the top selection of surfboards on the planet just navigating the site alone gives you a fairly complete look at the current state of surfboards, especially in the short board and hybrid category. Easily the best selection of Channel Islands boards."

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