Number 4 Surfboard

Channel Islands Number 4 Surfboard

Channel Islands Number 4 Surfboard Model Description: A performance based California utility board, the “four” was the fourth board in a series of numbered concept boards built for Dane Reynolds just prior to the 2012 US Open. Each concept board incorporated a blend of single to double with vee, 13″+ nose and 15″+ tail with a double bump. After a few months of tweaks and refinements, the result is a design that can be ridden in two different dimension sets to dial in the type of waves and conditions you ride. Dane rides a 5’8″ x 19 1/2 a 2 7/16 as a GROVELER and a 5’9″ 19 1/4 x 2 7/16″ as a UTILITY board. Experience: Intermediate to Pro. Ride This Board: 3″ – 4″ shorter than your height for groveler and 2″ shorter then your height for utility. Ideal Wave Size: Knee to head high. Fins: For best results ride this board with the Merrick template—look for the hexagons.


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