Channel Islands Proton Surfboard

Channel Islands Proton Surfboard Model Description: The Proton Surfboard by Channel Islands was voted the 2009 board of the year by SIMA as a result of Dane’s design work in late 2007. Still Dane’s go-to board in good pockety surf, the Proton is the choice for advanced surfers everywhere. Original and truly unique from any other board in our line, this board has continuous rocker throughout. The bottom consists of a deep single concave, and full rails. Dane normally rides a 2 3/8” and orders his Protons at 2 ¼”, so order yours a 1/8” thinner. Experience: Advanced to expert surfers.Ideal Wave Size: Punchy waist high to well overhead surf


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"I was recommended Surf Station by Channel Island Surfboards to purchase my Semi Pro K12. Austin from Surf Station was very helpful and went above and beyond to ensure I got the specs I was looking for. Great service! Will recommend a friend."

Aaron B. | CI Semi Pro K12

"I am beyond stoked on the great price for this surfboard. I still have my first board ever, a 6'0 Lost board, thin as a toothpick, and I am way to big for it. My main board I ride is a 5'6 Channel Islands Fishcuit but I wanted something a tad bigger, thicker, and a dual fin. Surf Station just made the search so easy. and such legit shipping for a surfboard. So happy!!!"

Erica G. | 6'0 Lost Surfboard

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