Lost F1 Stub Surfboard

...Lost F1 Stub Surfboard

…Lost F1 Stub Surfboard Model Description: The F1 Stub was created to be an all around competition shortboard. During 2009, as the F1 became the board of choice for many team riders, the low-end limitations of the design were becoming apparent. Looking to make the F1 excel in smaller, gutless surf, Lost widened and slightly lowered the rocker in the nose for a forward glide (but kept the tail rocker the same). The rail volume was increased and the outline was straightened via a hip, making the tail wider in the front of the fins and at the tail block. This added drive, lift and a tight radius pivot but allowed the same control at a 12″ width.

Coco Ho won back to back WQS events in Brazil on her magic F1 Stub last fall. Young Aussie phenom J.W. used an F1 Stub to make 3 WQS finals in a row and secure a late season push for 2011 WT qualification.

Fine tuning and intensive RnD with top pros during 2012 has netted an F1 Stub that is contest proven, quintessential, modern, and an everyday performance surfboard.


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