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…Lost Sub Scorcher Surfboard Model Description: The challenged was laid down. Starting with an old SD2, the dimensions were squashed to 5’5″x18.63″x 2.13″, the entry rocker was lowered and the concave was shallowed through the center to straighten the rail line for drive and make it easier to lay such a wide platform over on a rail. Viola! Lost’s stubbiest short board yet, but it still carves like a real board. Kolohe wanted to call it “The Trashcan Lid” because you don’t need to go dumpster diving to get one of these. “I wanna board for 1′ mush. Something really short and wide, but still a short board…something like Danes board.” –Kolohe Andino


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"Very easy to look for items on Surf Station website. Details shown clearly and it is not confusing at all like a bunch of other online surf shops sometimes can be. The selection is awesome. I found exactly what I was looking for and could not find any surf stores in my local area for a long time. I never expected to find a Lost surfboard in East coast since Lost is from my area (San Clemente, California).I am very much satisfied and pretty sure to be back. Thanks."

Mitsuhiko H. | Lost Surfboard

"Great prices, customer service (thanks Shelly, Brian & Sue;) I was even able to arrange overseas delivery without issue. Thanks Again!!"

Daniel O. | Viper Swim Fins

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