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...Lost Whiplash Surfboard

…Lost Whiplash Surfboard Model Description: The Whiplash was built for precision high speed surfing. Over the years, more traveling pro surfers have come to Lost for the Whiplash than any other model. It is built with low volume rails and a vee deck with a narrow nose and tail block combined with an aggressive rail rocker and deep concaves to keep it moving. The Whiplash is the most sensitive and responsive board Lost has to offer. It is not recommended for below average surfers or for use in sloppy surf. This board performs best in the pocket of curvy waves of any size.

The board of choice for fast, snappy surfers like Chris “Davo” Davidson, Andrew Doheny and Luke Davis. In 2010, Carissa Moore used an updated Whiplash to win two WT events and the US Open of Surfing.


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