Pyzel Surfboards

Pyzel Surfboards


Pyzel Pyzalien Surfboard
Pyzel Rat Skull Surfboard
Rat Skull
Pyzel Pinky Surfboard
Pyzel Flash Surfboard
The Flash
Pyzel Grunt Surfboard
The Grunt
Pyzel Rip Off Surfboard
The Rip Off
Pyzel Next Step Surfboard
Next Step

Pyzel Surfboards


Pyzel Surfboards available now at the Surf Station. Pyzel Surfboards are handmade in Hawaii and are always built with the highest quality materials available. John John Florence and Mark Healey are two high performance surfers that are leading the way for Pyzel Surfboards. We ship Pyzel Surfboards and all other surfboards Domestically within the United States and Internationally. CLICK HERE for shipping rates.

Surfboard & Product Reviews
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"I am beyond stoked on the great price for this surfboard. I still have my first board ever, a 6'0 Lost board, thin as a toothpick, and I am way to big for it. My main board I ride is a 5'6 Channel Islands Fishcuit but I wanted something a tad bigger, thicker, and a dual fin. Surf Station just made the search so easy. and such legit shipping for a surfboard. So happy!!!"

Erica G. | 6'0 Lost Surfboard

"I have been shopping the Surf Station since 2011. I have purchased 2 boards and have a 3rd custom in the works! I also live in Miami! So that right there should say a lot about the service and integrity of the shops team! Way to go Surf Station! Danny"

Danny Hernandez | fcs fins

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