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"Great service. Austin was a big help, and you guys were pretty honest in fessing up that there were scratches on the board (pre-shipment) and asking if I wanted to replace it with something else. Would buy again. Thanks"

John Carr | McTavish Fish Surfboard

"Site was very easy to navigate. The design is very cool. Great selection and check out was a breeze. To my surprise, my order came next day! Items were well packaged. Down to the awesome packing tape! Will definitely use Surf Station again!"

William Hickey | Reef Deck Hand shoes, Surf Station Vegas Style Hat, Channel Islands T-shirt

"Site was very easy to navigate. The design is very cool. Great selection and check out was a breeze. To my surprise, my order came next day! Items were well packaged. Down to the awesome packing tape! Will definitely use Surf Station again!"

William Hickey | Reef Deck Hand shoes, Surf Station Vegas Style Hat, Channel Islands T-shirt

"Thanks for having such a VARIETY of gear and traction pads! Hands down....seemed the best selection and prices. Kim"

Kim Campisano | Dakine Zeke Traction Pad, Taj Dakine Traction Pad

"Thank you for the terrific variety of products and reasonable prices. We shopped many web sites - yours is by far the best selection with unbeatable pricing and shipping costs. Gratefully, Kim"

Kim Campisano | Dakine Zeke Lao Traction Pad Dakine Taj Traction Pad

"I have ordered online several times. Your service is always prompt. Thank you for that & your great website."

Bill Sealey | A pair of baggies

"I wanted a CI Fishcuit, but it was pretty rough going as they were neither listed in stock at the CI website, nor the store websites where it would have been convenient for me to purchase in Orange County, CA. I did a quick search for "CI Fishcuit for sale", and Surf Station was the top hit. I clicked on the site and the board and size I wanted appeared. I received immediate and real-time service through the on-line chat option, and in very short time the board was bought, ready to ship, and to be on my doorstep on the other side of the U.S. in a week from Surf Station. I never would have expected that a shop in Florida could meet all my needs more promptly than a shop in my home state of California (I had a very specific window of time in which I needed to have the board). Thanks Surf Station!"

Roman Delgado | CI Fishcuit

"This is my third purchase from The Surf Station. There are numerous surf shops in my local area but I keep coming back to the Surf Station because of their huge selection of bodyboards and related gear. They are one of the few shops that have a knowledgeable bodyboarder on staff."

Troy R. | Hydro Bodyboard

"Very easy to look for items on Surf Station website. Details shown clearly and it is not confusing at all like a bunch of other online surf shops sometimes can be. The selection is awesome. I found exactly what I was looking for and could not find any surf stores in my local area for a long time. I never expected to find a Lost surfboard in East coast since Lost is from my area (San Clemente, California).I am very much satisfied and pretty sure to be back. Thanks."

Mitsuhiko H. | Lost Surfboard

"I reckon Surf Station by nature of arguably having the top selection of surfboards on the planet just navigating the site alone gives you a fairly complete look at the current state of surfboards, especially in the short board and hybrid category. Easily the best selection of Channel Islands boards."

Kai K | Firewire Baked Potato Surfboard

"These guys are really helpful, especially in helping answer the questions you have. Service was quick, and friendly and helpful staff on the chat feature. Will be coming back for all my future surf supplies."

Devan M. | Surf Accessories

"I found your site while I was searching for the dress, which I saw on another site. When I saw that you had it available, I ordered it right away! I was pleased with the ease of checking out and completing my order. Looking forward to receiving my dress and placing more orders! Thanks!"

Ellen Ines | Roxy In My Dreams Dress

"Made a call to store and talked to Mike P. I wanted to make sure that a particular set of fins was in stock. First he said he doesn't seem to have it, was bummed. Without me asking he dug around more and he found what I was looking for as they were mixed up with other stuff. I feel most anywhere else would not put in the extra effort. But instead as I write this my fins are on the way! Aloha to Surf Station!"

Kraig Kina | Komunity FCS Fins

"Great site with competitive prices... I love the free shipping and no tax! Really good selection of products as well"

Ron Roe | Channel Islands leash and Fin Co T-Shirt

"Navigating the website was very easy and I was able to find exactly what I wanted at a great price. Checkout was simple and free shipping is a plus as well."

David Cruz | Arnette Sunglasses

"I was searching on Amazon for a cool straw hat and it drove me to your website which looked really good. I figured these guys got their stuff together and how can you go wrong? Plus all the chicks I plan to pick up with my new hat won't be to bad either! Thanks guys. I will be back "

Ryan Jensen | Headhunter Lifeguard Straw Hat

"Awesome selection of surf products, excellent online service, ultra competitive shipping rates, and ease of use shopping!!!!"

Howard Moore | Channel Islands #4 surfboard

"I am beyond stoked on the great price for this surfboard. I still have my first board ever, a 6'0 Lost board, thin as a toothpick, and I am way to big for it. My main board I ride is a 5'6 Channel Islands Fishcuit but I wanted something a tad bigger, thicker, and a dual fin. Surf Station just made the search so easy. and such legit shipping for a surfboard. So happy!!!"

Erica G. | 6'0 Lost Surfboard

"Totally stoked with my experience at surf station. The customer service was prompt and professional. Originally, I was looking for a 7'0" or 7'2" Channel Islands M13 (or something similar) but there weren't any in stock. I got a PM from the store saying they had a 6'9" CI Black Beauty. They sent me a link, I looked at the dimensions and then bought the board all in about 5 minutes from the comfort of my home. Then, the following day, I got a call from the shop making sure that my order wasn't fraudulent. (I live in the Midwest but I had the board shipped to my bro's house on the West Coast.) After speaking with them and confirming my order, they said the board would ship today and I later received a tracking number in my inbox. Looks like I'll be shopping with SS again. "

Randolph Sinquefield | Channel Islands 6' 9" Black Beauty

"It was my 6th surfboard I bought at Surf Station and as usually I received on time !! Perfect!"

Fabio Vessani | Black Flag Whip

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" Kinda hooked on the Deals of the Day! What a good marketing tool. Can't get over the prices! The online help conversations are an intregal part of customer service at Surf Station for us folks that come to the store. Thanks!"

Warren |

"I searched for the item I wanted on Google and you guys were the only merchant that had it in stock. Great customer service with a quick response back once I ordered! "

Kim D. |

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