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BZ Hubb Fundamental Bodyboard, Red, 41.5"

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Condition 1 - A trashed surfboard, looks like poo. Not ridable or usable in any way. Not worth dumpster diving for, leave it in there.

Condition 2 - This board too, is trashed. Fins broken out, broke in half or bucked/delaminated. Not usable for surfing but could be used as decoration (best side out) the board may still has some value here. Fence posts in the back yard?

Condition 3 - The board could be ridden but has serious issues. It may still be buckled or could have hidden major delamination. There are likely open dings. Be very careful when buying a used board with this low of a rating.

Condition 4 - A usable surfboard but not in good shape. Some dings repaired but not very well. Or it may be an old surfboard that has not much life left.

Condition 5 - This surfboard is ridable and functional, but is quite worn. It's best years are behind it. Repaired dings may not be repaired very well.

Condition 6 - Although this board is worn or old, there is still some life left in this surfboard. Repaired dings are satisfactorily repaired buy some surfers standards.

Condition 7 - A used surfboard but overall in fair to good condition. Still plenty of life left in this used surfboard. Any open dings are quite minor, or already repaired.

Condition 8 - A repaired ding or three but professionally done so the board is in overall in very good condition.

Condition 9 - A new surfboard or like new. In great condition. A few possible minor surface scratches, minor off coloring, or imperfections, so this surfboard cannot be called a 10.

Condition 10 - Brand new. In perfect shape.

SIMPLY THE BEST! The most popular of all Hubb models, the HUBB Fundamental 41.5" is a scaled down version of the 42", only with a crescent tail. It's no surprise that Jeff Hubbard believes that this is the best board on the market! Top of the line bodyboard. The Hubb Fundamental is one of the best bodyboards in the market for advanced bodyboarding. Deisgned Jeff Hubbard, the world champion. An enclosure shaped CNC adhesion and maximum performance. "Stringer: VFS Core: Zero-G Poly Pro Mark length Polypropylene BZ42 (polypropylene) Length: 41.5" Nose: 12" Width: 21.5" @ 18" Tail: 18.5" JARED'S SURF STATION SUMMARY: "Designed by Jeff Hubbard, the 2 time IBA World Champion himself. This board is filled with technology and materials that cannot be found in most boards anywhere. This board has a Zero Gravity PP core which is a combination of the best Polypro materials available. It is very lightweight, and 100% waterproof, so there is no risk of waterlogging. 8 pound H-Cell deck which is very tough and WILL NOT deteriorate over time. SURLYN by DUPONT offers flex and stiffness at the same time allowing deeper barrel rides and bigger airs. The VFS stringer runs the length of the board and offers a 6" high density PE plastic at the tip of the nose, giving a great deal of nose flex. TRU-FLEX is a cross-link composite between the slick and bottom skin, giving flex, projection, and response through the board. CNC contoured deck to add comfort, and nose/tail armour to protect against minor bumps and prevents delamination. If you are an advanced or pro bodyboarder than this is definitely the board for you!"
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