Surfboard Fins

Surfboard Fins
Many people do not understand the significance a new set of fins can make on a surfboard but it can be drastic. Lots of technology goes into making each set of surfboard fins from the material used, the amount of rake, length of tip, it all plays a major roll in how a surfboard drives and turns. The general rule of thumb is the bigger the person, the bigger the fin but here are some more things to consider when shopping for a new set:

More Rake – Fins with more rake turn easier, fins with less rake and a wider base have more drive.

Narrow Tip – Fins with a narrow tip have more release and fins with a wider tip hold better during turns and generally are looser.

Foil – Fins with a foil hold well thru rail turns and a flat foil will have more release. The lighter the fin, the lighter your tail, the more maneuverability you have. If your board is too loose, put fiberglass fins in there to weigh down the tail, thus adding drive.

Quad vs Tri – Learn about all the differences in our popular YouTube Video.

Here at Surf Station we have all the fins you could ever need. If you need help picking the right fins for your surfboard, hit us up on Live Chat.

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"Buying something from Surf Station is probably easier than going to your local shop to get a bar of wax. Everything is kept orderly, and the workers on the chat system are quick to respond with helpful insight. First surf shop website that I've encountered that knows how to sell boards online (i.e. track their inventory)."

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