Firewire Nano 5'2 x 17 3/4 x 2 1/8 22.5L FST Surfboard
Firewire Nano 5'2 x 17 3/4 x 2 1/8 22.5L FST Surfboard
The original MPH (Modern Planing Hull). The NANO is the stock MPH and a true example of a 21st century modern thruster. It is a user friendly all around board but a radical performer with free flowing speed and a very natural controlled ride. Effortlessly fast and loose, yet predictable and drivey, the NANO ticks all the boxes. The rider really feels as though they can pull off any maneuver and it rides with a very pure sensation of flow. The NANO features a clean, foiled shape, a wide point forward of center, a round nose for smooth turns and a wide chopped tail with soft corners for exceptional speed and glide. The straight rail line through the back end of the board will provide the necessary control through turns. The Nano has a surprising range with good edge control in bigger punchy waves. Ride this one in the middle to the performance end of your preferred volume range in thigh to slightly overhead surf. Ideal for intermediate to advanced surfers. $739 $499.00

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  • Easy to shop! My surfboard arrived in great condition!

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  • There was an issue with my order (item out of stock) & I was informed & refunded promptly. Very appreciative of this! Will recommend to friends.

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  • The site was Very Easy to Navigate, Found Exactly what I wanted, and it shipped the same day. I would definitely order again from Surf Station.

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  • Had a hard time finding the shoes I wanted in the right size and color but Surf Station had exactly what I was looking for! Great customer service and fast shipping as well!

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