Gear Reviews & Happenings


  • Surf Station Rocks!! My son saved for 3 years for this board and Surf Station delivered!!! Sweeeeeeet!!!

    • Luke Reilly
    • Purchased: CI Cheese Stick Surf Board
  • Good customer service, and reasonable shipping cost. I liked it very much!

    • Yusuke Suzuki
    • Purchased: Catch Surf Beater Board
  • Happy with product and quality thanks!

    • Hanna Johns
    • Purchased: Amuse Society Aloha Crop Top
  • My son spent many days chatting with your live experts on how to choose his first board. I was very suspicious about the recommendations — after all, I told him, these people are trying to sell you something. But in the end, the help proved to be very honest and thoughtful.

    • Purchased: Torq Funboard
  • Had been traveling to the area for some business and stopped by to check out the shop. Staff is top notch so I bought a super 8 and love it, have decided to try them online since I live a couple hours north and don't have a good local shop I like. Will definitely use them more in the future.

    • Mark E Smith
    • Purchased: 2 DVDs