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March 21, 2019 1 min read

Channel Islands FlexBar Surfboards

About Flex-Bar Technology Surfboards: Another major component of Flexbar technology is composite sandwich foam running from center to the apex of the rail. This acts as the main base for the Flexbar and allows the board to flex without losing any of the board's overall longitude and torsional strength. This also lowers the vibration (resonance), which is often identified as a negative in EPS cores; the result is a smoother feeling ride in all conditions, but while retaining the added buoyancy of EPS. By using state of the art manufacturing processes combined with the best available epoxy resins and EPS foam cores, we have found that the durability of the each board built with Flexbar technology has been greater than a PU/PE using the same glassing layup.

We at CI are so stoked on the durability on our patented Flex-bar technology, we are offering a 1 year warranty against breakage. Please keep your proof of purchase, and at any time should your Flex-bar snap or even buckle, we will replace it. We hand build these boards from the inside out under strict tolerances at our factory in Santa Barbara. For more information: http://www.cisurfboards.com/warranty/

Also, using the EPS foam and Entropy/Super Sap epoxy resin, all Flexbar surfboards are Ecoboard Project Verified by Sustainable Surf.

Channel Islands FlexBar Surfboards