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October 16, 2015 3 min read

Channel Islands Fred Rubble Surfboard
2011 SIMA Board of the Year
Channel Islands Fred Rubble Surfboard Review: The Channel Islands Fred Rubble Surfboard features a single to double concave and comes standard in a squash tail. A contest favorite of Kelly Slater’s as a round tail five-fin EPS/Epoxy. Designed to be ridden about the same length as you are tall +/- 1″. Now also available with carbon strip bottom to concentrate flex at the tail and strengthen against breaking. Conner Coffin on the Fred Rubble Surfboard: “The Fred Rubble is actually quite a bit different than my other boards. It has a lower entry rocker and a wider outline. It has more volume than a Proton, but it isn’t really short and chunky like a Dumpster Diver. It’s just a fun board for waves from waist high to a little over head. I’ve been riding mine two inches shorter than my standard shortboard and 1/4 inch wider. For example, my standard shortboard is a 5’11″ x 18 3/8″ x 2 3/16″ Proton and I ride my Fred Rubble as a 5’9″ x 18 5/8″ x 2 3/16″. So I’d recommend for you a 5’11″ if your normal board is a 6’1″. – Connor Coffin channel-islands-fred-rubble-pics Surf Station's Board Manager Mike P. on the Channel Islands Fred Rubble Surfboard: My all time favorite go to performance shortboard for waves waist high to a few feet overhead is the Fred Rubble! This is a great board for a variety of surf conditions and variety of surf styles! I've had a number of Fred Rubbles and ridden them from the long right-hand point breaks of El Salvador, to the mushy beach breaks of the East Coast, and in heavy Nicaraguan tubes. My favorite aspect of this surfboard is it's hidden volume. The wide point of the board is moved forward above your front foot and under your chest which always for optimal paddling power but at the same time keeping the rail thickness down to allow for responsive surfing. So this board paddles fast and gets you into waves early while still allowing you to surf above the lip or keep it on rail! The Fred Rubble is incredibly user friendly and is one surfboard you definitely need in your quiver! Surf Station's Employee & Team Rider Chris S. on the Channel Islands Fred Rubble Surfboard: The Rubble has come to be my favorite board, mostly due to its versatility. I have ridden this board in small, mushy, East Coast beach break surf all the way to well overhead Mexico (real waves) and lots in between. A very fast and responsive board that can generate and maintain speed without the drawbacks of super flat grovelers. When i first starting riding the Rub i would only take it out when there was a decent groundswell in the water. One day before work i had only a short time to surf and grabbed my rubble only to find the surf was way smaller than i thought it would be (about waist high). A day like that i would usually grab my DD or Neck Beard. I was pleasantly surprised to still have a super fun session and had no problem catching waves and getting speed even without changing out my Small AM fins for a fin with a longer base. After that i can safely say that i can have FUN in waves from waist to overhead with the Fred Rubble. In Conclusion: The Channel Islands Fred Rubble will remain an all-time shortboard favorites. It is a great board to have in your quiver for Florida surf, as well as being taken on surf trips to places with larger, heavier waves. It is easy to paddle and get into waves. What more could you ask for!
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