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March 18, 2020 1 min read

The CI Team is Happy!

For 50 years (since 1969), Channel Islands has focused on building the best high performance surfboards for the best surfers in the world. It’s what inspires them most, and they have 20 world titles to show for it. Whatever design discoveries surface during the development of new models, they ultimately trickle down and benefit all of the models in the line. The Happy—designed by Britt Merrick—has been one such model that’s been thoroughly enjoyed by the Channel Islands Team of late. This new team shreddit is a short compilation of recent schralping by Dane Reynolds, Conner Coffin, Zeke Lau, Eithan Osborne, Bobby Martinez, Josiah Amico and Kiron Jabour on the Happy.

Filmed by Sean Lesh, Cole Yamane, Ryan Perry, Jason Blanchard, John Paul Taylor, Alex Kilauano, Kailani Jabour Music by Thank You Come Again

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