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March 17, 2020 1 min read

The CI Mid is Channel Islands Surfboards new midlength design built through the collaborative rider input and direction of Devon Howard (@devon_howard). This video footage was captured early last summer (’19) during two consecutive days of riding the No. 5 prototype we had shaped him along the way to making what is now: the CI Mid. Shaped by Mike Andrews @mike_andrews3, devon says, “I really liked how zippy and squirty this one was, but you can see little subtle moments in the softer stuff where the tail rocker felt a hair too low during cutbacks.

This is nerd level stuff, I’m guessing most people wouldn’t notice what I was feeling, but still, we were trying to make something as good as possible so I brought it back to the bay, we measured all aspects of it and decided to add a hair more tail rocker—as well as tweak on the concave and vee just a tiny bit. It’s crazy what the slightest of adjustments can do, and the final result as you’ve heard me carry on about is pretty damn amazing.” This particular board ended up under the feet of Cliff Kapono @cliffkapono, Blake Howard at CI and then Sage Erickson @sageerickson, and thanks to its sturdy glass job is still being enjoyed by friends that pass through town.

This prototype is 6’10” x 20 7/8” x 2 5/8”. Two plus one. 6.5” center with 4” sides. Devon is almost 6’1 and weight 185-190 lbs.

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