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July 12, 2018 2 min read

Channel Islands Black & White Surfboard Review by Noel Salas:

An all around, high performance shortboard designed for down the line speed and easy rail-to-rail transitions, the Black & White is based on a favorite hand shape Britt Merrick made Dane Reynolds for Santa Barbara area point breaks. Dane related its feel to a good MBM.

The Black & White has a fairly low entry rocker, a staged flat-ish section between the feet, and an accelerated kick out the tail. A single concave runs the length of the board, is deepest near the front fins and shallows into a hint of vee exiting the tail block.

A flat deck design, the Black & White offers improved flex characteristics, a solid under-your-feet feel, and full rails. The board should be ridden about your same height to 2″ longer than you are tall. Because of the flat deck ride the board 1/8” thinner than your normal shortboard to keep the same general volume. The Black & White is suitable for most surfers in most types of surf where a shortboard is appropriate.

This episode is a review on Dane Reynolds new high performance model called the Black & White. Enjoy the journey as Noel Salas dives into the attributes of his two custom boards.

In this episode Noel connects with Britt Merrick the head shaper for Channel Islands Surfboards and creator of this model with Dane Reynolds. Britt talks about fins for the B&W along with how the board feels under his feet from a surfer / shapers perspective.

The Black & White is designed for point breaks with a low entry rocker and an aggressive tail rocker. It also has a flat deck so the rails are full but round so you can order this board 1/8 of an inch thinner than your regular dimensions. The flat deck also accentuates the flex in the board under your feet.

Noel goes into to detail on why this board works well for him in his home break. He also talks about three different fins that worked really well in this board from chest high surf to double over head.

The Black & White is Noel’s favorite board in the CI lineup for his standard short board.


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