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February 20, 2016 2 min read

Channel Islands Average Joe Surfboard
2014 SIMA Board of the Year
Channel Islands Average Joe Surfboard Review: Over the last six years and hundreds of stops on our demo tour we have learned a few things. One of those is that surfers sometimes want something simple, fun, and easy to ride. Light single concave for the first 1/3 to deepening concave vee throughout. The Joe can be surfed off the rail or tail that has Al’s signature hip tail template to keep drive. Full rails keep high volume in a short outline. Increase wave count, make more sections. The average Joe is geared towards the things that makes surfing fun. Channel Islands first and foremost is performance based and athlete driven, but not everyone’s next paycheck hinges on how critical their equipment works. *Also available in Surftech TL Pro Carbon* Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 11.14.06 AM The CI Team on the Average Joe Surfboard: This week we’re checking out the Average Joe surfboard from Channel Islands. It’s not a gimmick shape with a weird tail or a bunch of cutouts. It’s not being hocked by a specific pro surfer or attached to anybody’s name. It’s just a simple, clean, functional surfboard meant to maximize the fun you have in the water. The Average Joe shape was specifically designed for increasing wave count, linking sections, easy paddling, and allowing surfers to take an overall more laid back approach to their surfing. channel_islands_average-joe-surfboard Surf Station's Employee Austin Martin on the Channel Islands Average Joe Surfboard: The Average Joe is a great small to medium wave performance groveler. The board has a wider, fuller, flatter, forward outline. That allows the board to catch waves very easily and generate a lot of speed and drive because of always generating speed off your front foot. With the wider flatter outline that also allows the board to be a great groveler in smaller surf. The board has the signature CI hip which pulls the tail in at the fins and makes the board quite responsive for the shape and outline of the board. This board set up as a quad will also give the board more speed and drive and make it a bit more responsive. This board is made to be rode 5 - 7 inches shorter than your height. I am 5'11 and 170lbs and the Av Joe I have is a 5'4. I have a custom Av Joe with a swallow tail and love it. It is pretty much the only board I ride here in FL. I even have taken it on a recent trip to Mex and had a blast on it there as well. I don't feel limited on performance at all with my Joe. In Conclusion: If you're looking for a fun board in Florida's small, mushy waves, The Channel Islands Average Joe will be a perfect addition to your quiver.
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