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January 02, 2018 1 min read

BONZER 3D from CI Surfboards on Vimeo.

Channel Islands is proud to offer an original Bonzer collaboration with Malcom Campbell, Britt Merrick, and Dane Reynolds. The three recently got in the shaping room with a raw blank to design and hand shape a board for Dane with blended elements from the 70’s and current period. The result is a step-down that is fun, quick, and spicy in average surf. The modern hybrid outline, low rocker and wide arc tail create lift while the long base of the Bonzer 3 side fin provide timeless speed and projection. Comes standard with the Bonzer bottom contours airbrushed, and all necessary fins. Designed to be ridden your same height or shorter. Check out our in-stock Channel Islands Bonzer 3D Surfboards below! https://www.surfstationstore.com/product/channel-islands-bonzer-3d-56-x-19-1-8-x-2-3-8-surfboard/ https://www.surfstationstore.com/product/channel-islands-bonzer-3d-57-x-19-3-8-x-2-7-16-surfboard/ https://www.surfstationstore.com/product/channel-islands-bonzer-3d-58-x-19-5-8-x-2-1-2-surfboard/ https://www.surfstationstore.com/product/channel-islands-bonzer-3d-59-x-19-7-8-x-2-9-16-surfboard/ https://www.surfstationstore.com/product/channel-islands-bonzer-3d-510-x-20-1-8-x-2-9-16-surfboard/ https://www.surfstationstore.com/product/channel-islands-bonzer-3d-60-x-20-5-8-x-2-5-8-surfboard/