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January 15, 2018 1 min read

Channel Islands Fusion Dual-Core Surfboards

Channel Islands Rocket 9 Dual-Core with Alex Gray from Surftech USA on Vimeo.

NEW! Fusion Dual-Core Construction. Fusion Dual-Core construction features: Fused Cell EPS Core, Clear HD-Epoxy Resin, 2x Layers Fiberglass, Pop-Flex Stringer, PU Foam Rail Inserts, UD Carbon Stringer and a UD Carbon Tail Patch. Available in Channel Islands models Rocket 9, Twin Fin and the Mini. The old PU or EPS debate is no longer. Welcome to the best of both worlds. Fusion Dual-Core. Fusion Dual-Core may be the biggest leap forward in surfboard building technology since the change from wood to foam.


To get you up to speed, just incase you are still surfing a wood board (not that there is anything wrong with that... we actually still make one), modern boards are made of foam and resin. There are two main types of foam used in production; polyurethane, known as PU and expanded polystyrene known as EPS. Each foam has its pros and cons. EPS offers more float or buoyancy, allowing an easier paddle into waves and more speed. PU on the other hand offers better vibration absorption and since it has less float, the surfer is able to dig the rail deeper into the water on carves.

Fusion Dual-Core