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January 26, 2016 2 min read

Channel Islands Rook15 Surfboard
channel-islands-rookie-15-surfboard Channel Islands Rook15 Surfboard Review: First seen on the WCT tour in 2010, the Rookie has been rediscovered by our entire CT team this year; Seabass, Kelly, Adriano, Lakey, Bianca, Sage and Kai all have won heats on the new Rookie 15. Ridden shorter and wider than the original, the Rookie 15 is the ultimate contest workhorse. Single concave throughout, the Rookie 15 works best when on rail. Ride this board your same height to 2” longer. What Adriano De Souza says about the Rook 15: "The Rook 15 is a versatile board ridden by several of our team riders during the Australian leg of the Tour. Adriano surfs fast and likes to do big above-the-lip moves as well as really powerful, long rail gouges, and the Rook 15 is made to fit that well-rounded, radical approach. It’s a high-performance-oriented board that has quite a bit of rocker in it, allowing for quick turns and transitions. It also has a nice straight-ish spot under the front foot in the rail rocker that, along with a very generous single concave running almost the whole length of the board, creates lots of speed, flow, and drive. The tail block is pulled in on the Rook 15 as well, which helps with fast transitions." - Adriano De Souza channel-islands-rookie15-surfboard Surf Station Employee Review: When the waves get fun the Channel Islands Rookie 15 is the only board you need! From punchy chest high surf to solid double overhead barrels this board works! It can hold in the tube, transitions well from rail to rail, and can fly as high as you can take it. The Rookie 15 is the updated version of Channel Islands incredibly popular Rookie model from a few years back. I travel to El Salvador twice a year and this is my go to board for the long, right-hand, cobblestone point breaks. It has hidden volume from a wider nose and slightly fuller rails which allow for great wave catching ability while simultaneously keeping all the high performance aspects of the original Rookie. For any surf trip I have planned this board is a must have in my board bag! In Conclusion: The Channel Islands Rook 15 has become the go to board for Channel Islands team riders. Whether its head high Snapper Rocks or pumping Margaret river this is what the pros are riding and you should be too!
Check out a video review on the Channel Islands Rook15 Surfboard below!
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