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Surfboard Review: Channel Islands T-Low Surfboard

May 01, 2015 1 min read

R&D on the T-Low began with Tanner Gudauskas seeking a lower rockered shortboard and has resulted in an ultra-forgiving all-around performance board. The plan shape of the T-Low takes a different path than the extreme curves in the DFR and Proton by utilizing medium entry and low exit rockers. T-Low bottom contours combine single concave at the 12″ mark to flat exit through the back fin. The rails are tapered so consider riding this board 1/16″ thicker than your DFR, Rubble, Proton, Rookie, etc. The T-Low has proven to be a unique design, being user friendly and still meeting World Tour requirements as evident by Tanner’s surfing and Dane Reynolds riding a T-Low prototype to a 2012 CT final in France. Tanner says, “If you could take one board on a trip this would be it.” The T-Low was in all CI team riders’ bags for the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast from March 2-13. Watch a board review on the Channel Islands T-Low Surfboard below with our surfboard specialist. CLICK HERE to shop online!