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October 22, 2015 2 min read

Channel Islands Taco Grinder Surfboard
channel-islands_taco_grinder_surfboard Channel Islands Taco Grinder Surfboard Review: Originating as a board for navigating long barrels in Mexico, the Taco Grinder is a direct result of CI team demanding shortboard performance in waves that require a semi-gun or step-up. Bottom is single concave throughout, a fuller rail and tail kick make it good paddler that still goes vertical. In short, a versatile high performance step-up designed for advanced surfers who want to take their good wave performance to the next level. Ride this board the same width and thickness as your all-around performance board, but 2” to 6” longer depending on how big the waves are. Britt Merrick on what Dane is riding on this year's tour: 6’1” x 18 7/8 x 2 7/16 (Taco Grinder) “This is our high performance step-up board. It surfs like a shortboard but handles bigger, more powerful waves. Dane surfed this board in his heats at the Tavarua contest and looked great on it. If J-Bay is like eight feet during his heats, Dane will most likely be on this board. It’s a round-pin.” dane_reynolds_quiver Surf Station's Employee Austin Martin on the Channel Islands Taco Grinder Surfboard: If you want a step up that is going to have a similar feel and performance of a high performance short board then this is the board. Board has full rails, a good amount of tail kick, and single concave. This board can be put on rail, go vertical, and hold in the barrel. A great high performance step up. In Conclusion: The Taco Grinder is the best step up I have had because you can actually do turns instead of going straight and just holding on in the barrel. It also feels good to be on a step up that has a little extra volume and is more comparable to a short board.
Check out Conner Coffin on the Channel Islands Taco Grinder Surfboard below!
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