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October 21, 2015 1 min read

Channel Islands Weirdo Ripper Surfboard
channel-islands-weirdo-ripper-surfboard Channel Islands Average Joe Surfboard Review: For that small to medium all-around board in your quiver is the Yadin Nicol-created “Weirdo Ripper.” The Weirdo Ripper spent over a year behind the scenes in development with Kelly, Dane, Nathaniel and Yadin until ultimately being unveiled at the 2012 US Open by Dane Reynolds, who displayed the board’s advantages in the tricky Huntington conditions. Despite the aggressive tail rocker, the Weirdo Ripper is a user friendly design, full volume for easy paddling, wide point forward, V bottom, square-winged swallow that works well as a thruster or quad. Ride the Weirdo 2” to 5” shorter than your height. channel-islands_weirdo-ripper-surfboard Surf Station's Employee Austin Martin on the Channel Islands Werido Ripper Surfboard: The Weirdo Ripper is a great all around hybrid shape. Works great in surf from about waist high to about 2ft or so over head. The wider outline, fuller volume, and lower entry rocker helps the board catch waves easily. The aggressive tail rocker helps the board to work in some better punchy, slightly larger surf. This board is real fast and drivey, super responsive and the double to concave to vee out the tail helps the board hold speed through turns. In Conclusion: This board works best as a quad. This is by far my all time favorite all around board. Not a groveler but anytime the waves around waist high and bigger the Weirdo is magic..
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