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March 27, 2020 1 min read

The past few weeks have been tough for us all as we watched the swell of COVID-19 build and hit our shores, having us all run for cover and hide out until it recedes. More recently, here in the US, we’re seeing many beaches now being closed off to all activity, driving us further into seclusion. While it goes without saying that we all need to use caution, and follow the protocols of our local communities, we will continue to share fun images of surfboards and people riding them. We are not in any way suggesting people go out and surf right now, everyone needs to manage that on their own, it’s just that with us all cooped up for the time being we feel it’s important to keep the stoke alive and remind ourselves that soon we’ll at be returning to the sea.

Earlier today, Conner Coffin released this epic short edit from a really good day near his home recently. He’s riding a FishBeard as well as a Happy and a custom prototype for something he’s hoping will one day become the Fred Rubble 2.