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December 09, 2019 2 min read

Gerry Lopez Surfboards

The New Gerry Lopez x Surtech line combines Gerry's Classic Shapes and Styles with Today's Modern Technology and Performance. Built with Surftech's new proprietary poly construction.


The Pocket Rocket

Gerry Lopez Pocket Rocket

POCKET ROCKET // For Indo, Hawaii, or anywhere 4'-8' waves are pumping, the Pocket Rocket would be the main battle board in your quiver. The Pocket Rocket delivers extra speed, maneuverability, and control to make riding the edge a whole lot of fun and not as white knuckled, barely hanging in there exercise. In general, the Pocket Rocket would be anywhere in length from 6'-4" to 8'-0" depending on the rider and where they surf. SHOP NOW


The Little Darlin'

Gerry Lopez Little Darlin'

The LITTLE DARLIN grew out of the Gerry's extremely popular Cheater in the search for more high performance without losing the paddle power. The Little Darlin' is a sweet, quick, easy riding board that can take it to the juice with confidence, knowing it will catch most any wave and still handle late takeoffs, steep drops, and fast, hollow sections. A single to double concave gives the Little Darlin' speed and holding power when the juice comes down. SHOP NOW


The Something Fishy

Gerry Lopez Something Fishy Surfboard

Back in the early 1970s, Steve Lis created a surfboard design that has endured through the decades and is as valid today as it was almost 50 years ago. The Fish design has gone through just about every permutation and probably most shapers. The Something Fishy is a blend of the old template and Gerry's take on rails, bottom shape, and rocker. We like how it works and, if you are a Fish lover, we think you might too. SHOP NOW


Gerry Lopez surfing fish quad