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March 10, 2016 1 min read

c-3po-watch Hello...I am C3PO human cyborg relations, I am please to announced the Surf Stations new entry of very my own watch from the Star Wars Universe. I assure you it comes with a lot of great features you will enjoy from my protocol droid body. Protocol droids are among the smartest and most versatile of all intelligent droids in the galaxy. Fluent in more than 6 million forms of communication. So I am more than sufficient to always be on the right time for you, wherever you are! The thing you all would love about me coming to this watch is there many bonus features you don’t see that much off of me from the movies! One I love personally is the embossed dial ring that comes from my robotic chest with some of the same wonderful armor you see off of me from all 7 movies. Even parts like the wires that help me sort data is now going to be able to help you sort the time of day on your wrist. R2 loved this design of me as well and Nixon did a wonderful job with making me into something handy on your wrist. I hope you enjoy my useful data and may the Force be with you! nixon-star-wars-watches