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TEEKI takeover!

July 03, 2015 1 min read

Attention mermaids, yogis and eco friendly ladies. If you haven’t discovered these colorful pants you’re in for a treat! Whether you’re diving into the sea, hiking up mountains or just enjoying a night out with your friends, the Teeki tribe has you covered. They create colorful clothing to make you feel as bright and beautiful as you truly are! Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 11.26.23 AMAll of their fabric is spun with fibers made from recycled plastic bottles and if that’s not enough to sell you, all their products are also manufactured in the United States! Did you know that it takes over 400 years for plastic bottles to fully biodegrade? So by using the bottles to help produce Teeki clothing it offsets the need to produce new raw materials. Every pound of product made conserves an equivalent of a half of a gallon of gasoline. Awesome right? I’m a yoga teacher and a surfer and I enjoy wearing my Teekis in and out of the water. Their stretchy comfortable fit makes it easy for me to move freely. I highly recommend this earth conscious company. Hope you are curious enough to try these out too! Swing by the shop or check out our options online.