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February 08, 2019 2 min read

Lost MAYSYM Surfboard Review by Noel Salas:

The new Lost “Maysym” is a great introduction to Asymmetrical surfboard design. This board has a Rocket tail with a longer rail line on the toe side and round tail with a shorter rail line on the heel side.

The two different tails put together make it an Asymmetrical design to offer a different feel underfoot compared to your normal Symmetrical surfboard. On my toe side I could generate speed easily due to the longer rail line. It also has a single channel on the toe side adding extra tail rocker for traction, drive, and vertical pocket surfing.

The heel side of this board has a round tail with a shorter rail line that enables you to turn faster on your front side cutbacks, top turns, and round house cutbacks. I also noticed the quick bottom turns backside due to the shorter rail line in addition to the drive and hold a round tail offers.

The Maysym goes good front side and back side, and I highly recommend it as a small wave Groveler for 1-4’ waves. This board is ideal for intermediate to advanced level surfers looking for a fresh feeling under foot. Ride it as a Thruster for more pivot or ride it as Quad for a looser feel with a little extra speed.

Board Dimensions: Stock 5’3” x 19.25 x 2.28 Liters 26.5

My Height: 5’9” Weight: 160 lbs or 72.57 kg









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