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December 02, 2018 2 min read

Pyzel Gremlin Surfboard Review by Noel Salas:

In this episode of Surf 'n Show Noel Salas reviews the Pyzel Gremlin in super fun 1-5’ surf. The Gremlin is a true small wave Groveler with low entry rocker, and its wide point front from center making it a great paddler. The belly of the board is relatively flat making it super fast through flat sections on small waves coupled with medium tail rocker for performance in the pocket.

"I found the Gremlin to be very fast and responsive and I enjoyed surfing it as a Thruster and a Quad. I highly recommend the Gremlin for beginner/intermediate to the pro level for ease of surf and high performance maneuverability. I found this board to excel in 1-4’ surf and beyond that I recommend transitioning to the Phantom to maximize each boards strengths. This episode is the last of a three board series that started with the Pyzel Ghost as a HPSB / Mini Step Up, the Phantom as a daily driver, and now the Gremlin as a small wave Groveler. Each board has the Ghost DNA and surf with noticeable similarities in board outline and attributes."

"All three boards are a favorite of mine for 2018 in each wave category. We got great waves for all 3 board reviews and each board proved to be user friendly with high performance surfing in the pocket and incredible down the line speed. EPS Gremlin Board DIMS: 5’4” x 19.25 x 2.31 Liters 26.35"

~ Noel Salas 









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