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June 01, 2018 2 min read

Soft Top Solutions for Your Summertime Sadness

It’s a paradox that we as surfers all must face: the thrills, trials and tribulations of sweet summer time. Sure, we’re all eager to shed the layers of neoprene that we’ve been rocking all winter in waters cold enough to take our breath away, but lackluster summertime swell quells this excitement for warmer waves. Fear not, because there are ways to survive the summertime flat spells and the easiest solution is clear: time to hop on the soft top. Whether you are a beginner just getting a taste of the surf bug, or a seasoned professional looking for a way to pass the summer days, the shapes below are bound to keep you in the water this season.

Soft Top Surfboard Review

Agency: The Flow

This large volume soft top is a perfect pick for your average beginner surfer itching to hit their favorite spot this summer. The Flow holds plenty of volume, handling even the smallest days, boasting minimal rocker and a thruster fin setup for added stability. This shape is just right for beginners who are leery of lugging around and controlling a longboard when first starting out.

Soft Top Surfboard Review

California Board Company: Flying Wahoo

For those beginner surfers who have graduated from nose dives to cruising down the line, this fish serves as a stepping stone toward the world of short boarding. A parallel outline and low rocker will give you all the speed you need when racing down the line, while its shorter length and round rails will be more forgiving when attempting your first turns.

Soft Top Surfboard Review

Catch Surf: Original 54 Beater

This pick brought to you by Catch Surf brings you all the versatility you could ask for you of a soft top. The tapered D-rails and twin-channel crescent tail of tis model allows for the board to be ridden with twin keel fins, or entirely finless for a funky new feel. This stick is ready to rip for more advanced surfers looking for a bit of fun, or is perfect for a mellow day of mid-sized surf. The choice is yours.

Soft Top Surfboard Review

Platino: HDPE Funshape

Another solid option for first-time surfers is this funshape from Platino. Full-volumed, buoyant and stable, this shape is sold with everything you need to step surfing the couch this summer and start surfing some real waves. The 2+1 fin set up of this shape provides some added versatility and stability where it’s needed.

Soft Top Surfboard Review

Soft Tech: Handshape

The parallel outline and large amounts of volume in this hand shape provides beginners with a solid, stable ride that’s just right for learning the basics. Perfect for small wave days, this shape will get you right were you want to be this summer…in the water. Simply screw in your favorite FCS fins and you are all set to shred!

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