Channel Islands Neckbeard 2 Review

by Brian Brown December 03, 2018

In this episode of Surf 'n Show Noel Salas thoroughly tests out Dane Reynolds new pro model called the Neck Beard 2 by Channel Islands Surfboards.

"CI sent down three custom boards with the exact same dimensions (5’5” x 19 1/8 x 2 ¼ liters 25.9) and in three different constructions. One board is EPS with a set of medium glass on fins, another EPS in CI’s new technology called Spine-Tek, and the last board is PU. (Polyurethane)"

"The Neck Beard 2 goes GOOD in 1-6’ surf and it exceeded my expectations for performance surfing. From the very first session in 2-4’ surf there was a special connection with this model. It has incredible speed, good flow, and it enabled me to be more progressive in my surfing. At times it felt magical… like I could do no wrong, maneuvers that I would normally fall I was making."

"I was having so much fun in the 1-4’ surf that I didn’t want to get off of it. The waves jumped to 4-7’ and I continued to push the limits looking to find this boards ceiling and it continued to impress me. With this being said the Neck Beard 2 is the first board in my opinion that deserves to be called a 'One Board Quiver.'"

"I highly recommend this board for 1-6’ surf for intermediate to pro level surfers. If this board is not on your radar…. it should be!!"

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Brian Brown
Brian Brown

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