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May 06, 2019 1 min read

In this episode I get two stock 5’3” Ultra Joe boards in Spinetek. Both boards are set with 5 fin options and I put them through the paces in 1-6’ surf. Even though the Ultra Joe is made for 1-4’ surf I like to find the top end on these type of Grovelers and it held it’s own even in overhead surf.

After thorough testing as a Thruster, Quad, and Twin Fin with a small trailer (2+1) I liked it best as a Quad. The Quad set up carried the most speed and flow from turn to turn. I also liked how the tail had a little more release in my turns due to no center fin. I also really enjoyed the Ultra Joe with a 2+1 set up. The Twin Fins gave this board exceptional speed and I had control with the small trailer fin.

The Ultra Joe is a favorite of mine for 2019 in the Groveler category and I highly recommend it. This board suits all level of surfers for maximum fun… beginner – expert surfers will love this little board. Ideal wave size 1-4’.

Board Dimensions: Stock 5’3” x 19 ½ x 2 ¼ Liters 26.3 My Height: 5’9”



Channel Islands Ultra Joe Surfboard

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