Firewire FRK Surfboard Review

by Brian Brown July 23, 2019

In this review we meet up with Dan Mann at Fire Wire Head Quarters in Calrsbad, CA.

Dan breaks down the FRK board attributes and he talks a bit about making a High Performance Short board for Kelly. The FRK is ultra sensitive and excellent in the pocket. I prefer a medium fin with this board to keep the rail engaged through my turns and keep the tail loose and playful. One thing about the FRK that stands out to me is going vertical front side.











This board is solid off the bottom and the round tail surprised me how easy it surfed in the pocket. The FRK is a true HPSB and due to its sensitivity I recommend it for solid intermediate to pro level surfers. This board shines in 3-8’ surf and likes a wave with curve and power.

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My Height: 5’9” Weight: 160 lbs or 72.57 kg

Board DIMS: Stock 5’9” x 18 3/8 x 2 3/8 Liters 25.6

Suggested Fins: Futures AM1, R6 Beta 2.0, Legacy P6 Honeycomb

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Brian Brown
Brian Brown

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