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Surfboard Wars - Rocket Wide vs Neck Beard 2

June 18, 2019 2 min read

The idea of Surfboard Wars was created by our community in a very organic way. The more surfboards we reviewed in one Class (ie. Grovelers 1-4’ surf), the more questions we received as to which board performed best in that Class. Surfboard Wars is a platform where surfboards battle for the rights to be crowned “Champ” in their Surfboard Class.

Surfboard Class:

A Surfboard Class is defined by a category in which a shaper designs a board for a specific wave type and size. For example, a surfboard like a Groveler is designed for small, mushy waves that range in 1-3’ surf. A Groveler is usually shorter, wider, thicker, and has less-overall rocker compared to your normal HPSB. I also want to point out that most Grovelers have a hybrid nose, and that separates them from the Small Wave Performance Board Class.

For two boards to go to War, we want to make sure that they are compatible by design for the same wave type in their class. Much like a fighter or boxer has different weight classes -- a Light Weight would never fight a Heavy Weight fighter.

Surfboard War:

A Surfboard War consists of two boards in the same class that will battle in multiple days of surfing on the wave size for which they were designed. One surfer will put both boards through the paces each day until the War is over. Each session of competition, the surfer will start on one board for roughly 1 hour, and then switch to the other board in the same session, so both boards can be judged in similar conditions. Each new session, the surfer will rotate the order in which both boards are surfed due to surfer fatigue, tide and weather conditions.

Surfboard Fin Options:

The surfer will choose the fins best suited for each board. The surfer can choose a different fin template for each board in the same session, but the fin construction (ie. Speed Generating, Honeycomb), and setup (Thruster or Quad) must be the same.

Each board will showcase its abilities in multiple sessions. The War will end when we have gathered the footage necessary to judge each board equally according to the judging criteria.


Our community will be the judge in each War, and the board that gets the most votes will be the winner. To judge, pick the board that looked the best in each category on the judging criteria ballot. Then, enter your e-mail, and click vote. You may only vote 1 time per e-mail, and the winner of the War will be determined after 1 week of counted votes.

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