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January 14, 2018 1 min read

Tec Performance Fish - Torq Surfboards from Torq Surfboards on Vimeo.


The Performance Fish borrows the narrower nose from a Thruster to allow more vertical snaps and reduce hang-ups on re-entries. From the mid-point back the template is a more conventional fish shape – wide and fairly straight to the hips, with a slight curve into the swallow tail. This places a lot of surface area under your back foot and provides exceptional drive through turns. The double concave between the fins leading into the swallow tail makes this board transition quickly from rail to rail and increases responsiveness. The Performance Fish has 5 Futures fin boxes and works equally well as a Quad or Thruster.


We love the unrivalled down the line speed of a fish, the easy paddle ability and skate in flat sections. But we love how a shortboard can whip tight turns, go vertical on demand and find speed from tight in the pocket. So we set out to design a board that can do both – a shortboard with added paddle ability and a fish that can go vertical. The result took us by surprise – much more than fusing the feel of a shortboard and fish, the synergy of the two concepts generated a board with a whole new capability in the surf. Suddenly sections that would be floater sections became air sections and the dreaded flat spots became open canvases for long swooping turns. This board has speed to burn and a shape that lets you use it!

Torq TEC Performance Fish Surfboard