Channel Islands Deep 6 Surfboard

Channel Islands Deep Six Surfboard

Channel Islands Deep Six Surfboard Model Description: The Deep Six Surfboard by Channel Islands was created by Kelly Slater for the 2008 Pipeline Masters. Pipe’s heaving barrels traditionally send professional surfers running for a board in the seven-foot range. But Slater has been tinkering with board shapes, and through “guessing” (in his own words) and trial and error, he came up with the surfboard he dubs “Deep Six.” This is the board that took him to the top of the Pipe Masters’ podium for the sixth time in his career. The round-pin-tail Deep Six marries two pre-existing shapes—Kelly’s 7’0″ Channel Islands K-Step (named for what pros call a “step-up” board—in between a performance shortboard and a big-wave gun) and the 6’0″ K-Board. “I messed around, flattened the rocker, lengthened the tail and figured out how to fit this nose on it,” said Slater in an interview with Surfline’s Marcus Sanders.

Most noticeably, Slater also moved the wide point of the board forward. The wide nose and flattened rocker make it possible to catch waves early (important in fast, hollow surf), while the narrow tail and short overall length allow for shortboard-like adjustments in the pit. The combination adds up to a single board that works like two: pressure the nose for speed and stability, or weight the back foot for loose maneuverability. Slater also added that, “fin placement was further up,” increasing the radius of the turns. Experience:Pro. Ideal Wave Size: Overhead +

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