Channel Islands Weirdo Ripper Surfboard


Channel Islands Weirdo Ripper Surfboard Model Description: Ideal for that small to medium all-around board in your quiver is the Yadin Nicol-created ‘Weirdo Ripper’. Development began with Yadin in a CI shaping bay getting weird on Al’s Pod design. The Weirdo Ripper spent over a year behind the scenes in development with Kelly, Dane, Nathaniel and Yadin until ultimately being unveiled at the 2012 US Open by Dane Reynolds, who displayed the board’s advantages in the tricky Huntington Conditions. The Weirdo Ripper is a user friendly design, a full volume, wide point forward, V bottom, square-winged swallow that works well as a thruster or a quad. Experience: Novice to Expert Ideal Wave Size: Excels from knee high to slightly over head surf.

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