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Dakine Comp Plus 6' X 3/16" Surfboard Leash


The Dakine Comp Plus 6' X 3/16" Surfboard Leash. Dakine was founded with the goal of designing the ultimate surf leash, and it continues this legacy with the six-foot Comp Plus, which strikes a balance between speed and durability. Designed for surf up to the head-high range, it features the highest-quality 3/16-inch (5-millimeter) urethane Dura-Cord with speed pockets and molded ends that minimize drag and keep you tethered to your board. The molded ankle cuff padding with a new hydrophobic exterior ensures a snug-but-comfortable fit and distraction-free security through all of your maneuvers.


Up to a shoulder high intended use

1/4" (6.5MM) Dura-Cord with Speed Pockets for maximum strength and reduced drag

1.5" (40MM) Streamlined molded neoprene ankle cuff

Posi-Lock hook & loop closure

Hydrophobic webbing material in Ankle cuff and railsaver

Opti-Flex leash ends for maximum durability

100% marine grade stainless steel swivels

1" (25MM) detachable railsaver


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