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Channel Islands Fever Surfboards

The Channel Islands Fever Surfboard has its roots in Al Merrick's trusted and proven high performance short board designs. The goal in designing this board with Mike Andrews and Patrick Gudauskas was to create a more accessible tour level performance board that anyone who jumped onto it would "instantly feel the speed and zest for creativity."

Borrowing Pat's favorite elements of the Proton, Rookie and MBM, and combining them with a subtle single concave and lower rocker resulted in a board with a huge sweet spot. With a slightly more parallel outline and forgiving rocker the Fever has proven to be an all-around design that excels in a wide range of conditions and wave types. The Fever also has responded really well to the FlexBar Technology- " I think because it's such a fast board, the Flexbar technology gives it extra pop and flair and is a nice compliment to the relatively simple outline".

FLEX & FEEL Channel Islands Fever Surfboard

The Fever is a new signature High Performance Shortboard by pro surfer Pat Gudauskas and shaper Mike Andrews. Noel Salas gets two custom boards one in his Groveler DIMS and the other in his High Performance DIMS. The 5'7" has incredible speed in 2-3 foot surf. On paper the Fever would seem to have to much overall rocker to be a good Groveler but to Noel's surprise it is his new favorite CI board to date. Fin selection is always important for small waves and the Blackstix F8 3.0 by Futures Fins was his fin of choice on the 5'7".