Channel Islands East Coast Warehouse

Channel Islands Fusion Dual-Core Surfboards

The Channel Islands Fusion Dual-Core Surfboards. The old PU or EPS debate is no longer. Welcome to the best of both worlds. Fusion Dual-Core. Fusion Dual-Core may be the biggest leap forward in surfboard building technology since the change from wood to foam. To get you up to speed, just incase you are still surfing a wood board (not that there is anything wrong with that... we actually still make one), modern boards are made of foam and resin. There are two main types of foam used in production; polyurethane, known as PU and expanded polystyrene known as EPS.

Each foam has its pros and cons. EPS offers more float or buoyancy, allowing an easier paddle into waves and more speed. PU on the other hand offers better vibration absorption and since it has less float, the surfer is able to dig the rail deeper into the water on carves. So, how does Fusion Dual-Core offer the best of both? To put it simply, each board combines both types of foam. EPS through the center of the board to offer paddle speed when catching waves and speed generation once on the wave. And PU rails to absorb vibrations, both at high speeds and through surface chop. Also, the lower buoyancy properties also allow the rail to go deeper in the water on carves, which in turns, allows for better hold and sharper turns. The true magic of how these boards ride just doesn't come from the fact that 2 types of foam got slammed together in the blank. What really makes these boards over the top us the TPU material that sits between the foams. You can see it through the resin. TPU is thermoplastic polyurethane. It is used in products such as skateboard wheels and snowboard rails. The main properties of the material are high abrasion resistance, high shear strength and more importantly, high elasticity.

Combining PU and EPS is nothing new for Surftech. We have been dreaming about this ideal combination for years, but it wasn't until we put TPU between the foams that everything truly came together. As lead designer Dan Watts puts it, the TPU is like the suspension in your car. Think of the PU as going from a rock wheel to a rubber and air tire. And the EPS as the chassis of your car. Sure, its going to ride nicer with those slick rubber wheels, but without shocks and springs, it is still going to be a rough ride. The TPU between the foams in the Fusion Dual-Core is essentially the shock and springs for your car. It is the crucial component that joins the 2 pieces and allows everything to work seamlessly together. On top of all the fresh tech, the blanks also use stringer-less technology with added carbon down the deck and hull of the board, as well as carbon tail patches. We made sure to put science and design at its best and you can thank us later!