Pyzel Deluxe Surfboards

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Pyzel Deluxe Surfboard Model Description: The Deluxe is ideal for weaker, small to medium sized surf. It's rocker- lower nose and medium tail- is designed to help you gain and hold speed easily, while still allowing for quick and precise direction change in less than ideal surf. It has a slightly fuller, boxy rail that will add to the flow and keep you on top of the water through flat sections. The fast single concave runs all through the bottom, blending into double in the fins and running into a double barreled V off the tail, providing lift, drive and looseness. The outline has a nice hip to add snap, and a wider tail-block for lift (speed). The Deluxe is a great all- around shortboard that excels in slop. Ride around your height or +1'' , 1/4''to 1/2''wider and a touch thicker than your good wave board.