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Firewire Surfboards

Mannkine Surfboards

Firewire Mannkine Surfboards by Dan Mann. Dan Mann was born in Hermosa Beach, Ca in 1972. We lived mostly in Hawaii but moved a lot until I was 13. This is when we landed in San Diego and I shined all sports so I could surf and be in the water. I started making boards around 1996. At the time I was riding for Rusty and my friend Stu Kenson was shaping my boards. He let me use his room, tools and templates at Diamond Glassing until I collected my own. Shaping boards was great but I knew in order to compete in the industry I had to be in a position to control and understand the whole board construction process. Soon after starting a glassing company called Northwind Glassing in 2001, I started getting into new materials like carbon and kevlar and processes like vacuum bagging. In early 2006 I met up with the founders of Firewire and after 2 1/2 years of building Firewires in San Diego I slid into my current gig of designing boards for the line.