Nixon High Tide Watches

Hi-Def Performance. The future of performance surf watches is bright. Featuring a bright and bold high-res screen that's customizable to your preferred configuration. Pre-programmed tide makes sure you're always in the know when it comes to your favorite break.

DESIGN Like a high-quality wetsuit, the High Tide design centers around durability and comfort.

CUSTOM DISPLAY Customizable home screen, including 550 pre-programmed locations with precise tide, sun, & moon data.

MOVEMENT Custom digital module with front-lit, high-resolution MLCD.


Recycled Ocean Plastics Our heritage in surfing and all things ocean has led us to a commitment to minimize our ecological footprint and leave the ocean in a better state than we found it. We’re collaborating with #tide to introduce their proprietary recycled ocean plastics in select watch models.

Our goal is to get waste out of the ocean, and more people into it. #tide’s unique process allows us to repurpose all kinds of ocean plastics into safe, durable materials for our watches. Ocean plastics are shredded, cleaned, and combined with a proprietary formula to restore the original integrity of the plastic. We then process the material at a Swiss lab to achieve structural integrity for our watch cases. There are 550 beaches available to program as your home beach or your surf travel destination.