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Triple Wetsuit Guarantee

Quiksilver Highline Wetsuits

Quiksilver Highline Wetsuits are reviewed by Noel Salas of Surf 'n Show. Noel tests out two different thicknesses, one is a 4/3mm and the other is 3/2mm. Salas goes into this wetsuit technical components on what makes it so warm and flexible. Quiksilver uses a special light weight thermal lining using mineral enriched fibers to insulate and retain body heat. Another key ingredient to the Highlines uniqueness is a new rubber they call FN Light. This material is 16% lighter than any other wetsuit Quiksilver has ever made. In the end Noel said this wetsuit is warm, light weight, comfortable, and has a great Flush Locking System which prevents the wetsuit from letting water in through the wrists, ankles, and neck.
Here is what Quiksilver has to say about the Highline Performance wetsuit. Enjoy the best technology developed so you can surf longer with the Highline Performance 4/3mm wetsuit. Perfect for temperatures between 12°C-16°C/54°F-61°F this chest zip full wetsuit is loaded with our cold-water expertise. Air cells in the F’N lite neoprene give the lightest of lightweight heat and flexibility while Warmflight thermal lining retains body heat and generates infrared energy for longer lasting insulation via unique mineral-enriched fibers. Sealing the wetsuit from leaks and flushing is taken care of by the ultrathin and stretchy Hydrolock and Red Seal seam technology. Surf in the Highline Performance 4/3mm and experience the best of team-inspired technology.