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The QuiverGrip is a new take on surfboard storage that’s different from anything else out there. What appears to be a simple design is actually the culmination of years of testing, trial and error, countless revisions, and miles of heartache. Plastic strength, elasticity, tension, and physical design were all carefully crafted and constructed to assure top quality and durability. At QuiverGrip we know that your board is an extension of your unique personality, and needs to be treated with all the respect it deserves. Our goal is to help bridge the gap between your work and play by offering a more efficient, and quite honestly, sexier alternative to your board storage needs. QuiverGrip is a safe, and secure storage solution that takes up a fraction of the space, provides quicker access to your quiver when it's time to rip...and when playtime is over your board is safe and sound again in a matter of seconds.